About Us

Protecting Families for Over 30 Years.

CBI is committed to helping our customers handle life's unexpected moments.


We provide the right amount of extra insurance to help people prepare for life's little 
(or big) surprises.

Our History:

  • 1986 - CBI is founded and begins providing life and short- and long-term disability insurance to employees

  • 1990s - Responding to employer requests, CBI adds stop-loss coverage to its product portfolio

  • 2000 - CBI expands its product line to include: long-term care, voluntary group, cancer, critical illness and accident care coverage

  • 2013 - CBI adds pet insurance as its newest offering

  • Today - CBI's portfolio of products serves 2000 customers with $12M of annualized premium and over $40M of annualized stop-loss premium management

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