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Most employees expect you to provide life insurance.

It’s another way you can retain top talent. We offer a variety of options with various insurance carriers to fit every budget. 

C Company-paid coverage E Employee-paid, or voluntary, coverage

Term Life

A relatively low-cost product that pays a death benefit to the beneficiary of a member who is enrolled under a group plan. Benefits can be provided as a flat sum or as a percentage of salary. Employers can elect to pay all or a portion of the premium for their employees.

Dependent Life

Provides employees with coverage in the event of a death of a spouse or child. Benefits for the spouse cannot exceed 50 percent of the employee's basic life benefit and cannot exceed $10,000 for dependent children. Participation guidelines must be met when selecting this benefit.

Supplemental Life

Enhances an employee's benefit package by offering additional life insurance coverage. Employees typically pay all or most of the premium and select the amount of additional coverage. Participation requirements must be met with this program.

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