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Affordable insurance to assist in your recovery after an inpatient hospital stay.

E Employee-paid, or voluntary, coverage

Your medical plan provides benefits to help with medical costs during a hospital stay. Once you leave the hospital, you shouldn’t have to worry about financial setbacks that you didn’t expect during your recovery. Things like lost wages plus the cost for help with transportation, meals, child care, or even housekeeping can all add up. Hospital Recovery Insurance provides cash benefits regardless of any other insurance you have.

By pairing it with your medical plan, you can extend your protection to help with those unexpected costs so you can focus on your recovery.


Eligible Issue Ages: 18 through 74

Daily Benefit Amount: You choose an amount between $100 and $900, in $10 increments.

Annual Benefit Bank Amount: The Annual Benefit Bank is the total dollar amount available to you and your covered family members per calendar year, and is equal to your Daily Benefit Amount multiplied by 30. The Annual Benefit Bank Amount is per covered family member.

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